What does Convention Photography charge to come to our event?

A. In most cases we do not charge anything to come and the attendees are under no obligation to buy any photos taken. Our presentation is low-key and professional. Typically our service for conventions, reunions, special events our coverage is as follows:

1. we'll make pictures prior to the evening banquet or cocktail party, on the golf course, during the award ceremony and have those photos developed and ready for viewing within the hour. Attendees then come by our display table and either order the photo by the photo # on it or in some cases we'll have those photos ready for people to take home immediately.

B. For organizations  where coverage is for a specific purpose i.e.:
newsletter, magazines, award and/or panel presenters, our fee is
based on time and prints/images involved.

1. Our turn around time for images and posting on the internet is practically immediate.