The “How To” Page

Posing for Pictures

Have you ever avoided posing for a picture because...

"Pictures of me never turn out."

"I am not ready for this."

or... you talk yourself out of it by thinking...

"Why am I doing this"?

But you can enjoy the process and excellent photos that will be fun to share with others.


"How?" you ask (or was that "I doubt it!" )

No matter how you answered, there is a foolproof method to having an enjoyable time  with the photographer and the people in your pictures with you. You maybe pleasantly surprised!

  1. Relax:
    That's the most important. Take a nice long inhale and slowly exhale.

  2. Listen:
    Listen to the photographer's "patter" or talk, and play along; it is his way of engaging you.
    This will also help you relax.

  3. Project Happiness: 
    Remember how you can always tell when people are in a bad mood?
    Well, cameras can do it also. So think "Happy Thoughts" ! Think of your pet, or of somebody you love! It works every time.

With these simple suggestions your photos will improve dramatically, and your photograph will be the one that everyone will say " Boy, her photos  always come out stunning. What's her secret?"

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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